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Whatever your business...

Adept Cloud has the solution.

What keeps you awake at night?

Imagine a day without receipt-filing, quote-compiling, diary planning or time sheets. A day where you could get on with generating business, not dealing with the admin.

Sound unlikely?


But if you could reduce the amount of time you spent on the paperwork, you could increase the time spent on the actual job, generating more profit.

And that is possible.


You probably have information all over the place at the moment – in emails, in texts, on pieces of paper, in your head, in the vans, in the office and at home. That can change.

Using the existing technology you have in your business – whether that’s a single mobile, or multiple mobiles, tablets and PCs – you can have an easy-to-use system which combines all the information and simplifies all the admin. From booking to invoicing, everything is viewable from one place – which allows you to keep on top of the admin and spend more time on the job.

  • Create quotes, using real-time supplier prices
  • Schedule the workflow across all staff
  • Convert quotes to invoices and send – all from one place and on one device
  • Everything you need, online and in one place

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one, because we make sure that the system you buy is right for your business. So it won’t be too expensive, or too complicated, or too advanced, or too simple for your needs.

It will be spot on – because we tailor it to you. 

Whether you’re a sole trader or an SME, a painter and decorator or a property management company, we are expert at understanding what you want and getting it set up.

What’s the product?

We work with lots of software systems, from Tradify and Office 365 to lesser known systems such as Vend and Zoho.

Adept Cloud understand the pros and cons of all of them – so you don’t have to.

Simply tell us what problems you want solved and we’ll find the best solution, configure it to your business, install it, train everyone who needs to use it and answer any questions along the way.

Which means you can get on with your job

We call it business apps, you call it making life easier...


Why Choose Adept Cloud?


We work with industry leaders, deliver on our commitments and work collaboratively with our clients to identify and provide the best quality products.


Our cloud solutions are specifically designed to effortlessly manage and enhance your business so you can concentrate on other priorities.


Our team provides specialist knowledge and a wealth of experience in selecting the best Business Management System for your company.


Adept Cloud provides the most cost effective system for you, helping your business grow, saving you money and freeing up your valuable time.

Adept Cloud - finding the best solution for you...


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